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Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:Michigan, United States of America
When I was younger, I learned that the world was not the rosy place everyone around me wanted to believe it was. Since those days, I have become part curmudgeon, part optimist, and part philosopher. Call me, if you will, a realist.

What is the definition of a realist? A realist is someone who, on seeing a glass, neither thinks of it as half-full, nor half-empty, but rather needs to ascertain whose glass it is, and who's been drinking from it. If it is, for instance, my glass, and it's at the half-way mark, and I've been imbibing, well, it's still half-full. If it's my glass, and at the same half-way mark, but I've not been the one to drain it, it is, sadly, half-empty, and I'm rather upset by that injustice. If the glass belongs to someone else, it's really none of my business, unless they make it my business, either by requesting for aid ("Someone's been drinking from my glass, help me!") or by dipping their fingers into my glass.

Nothing upsets me more than injustice, but this is an unjust world. If you don't believe it, look around with your eyes wide open. You'll see it - and some of the injustices, sadly, are generated by you and me.

In the world in which this realist lives, I used to teach voice lessons. It brought neither peace nor profit to the world, but it was an almost-harmless way to earn a living. Now, I'm transitioning to a life of service, to helping those who need help to communicate. I'm becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.

What makes a realist happy? Truth. Devotion. A crisp summer morning, or a brilliantly hued winter sunset. The knowledge that others have gone before me, and the realization that life is short, so, despite anger and sadness, I try to life my life in such a way as to "take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints," yet still live.

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alternative rock, art song, cats!, cs lewis (till we have faces), elizabeth george, harry potter, music, opera, pretty much anything, reading, some crafts, still working on figuring that out, taking care of my cats
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